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Customizable || Coquina Beach Florida Resin Nature (Baby Pink) Jewelry

Customizable || Coquina Beach Florida Resin Nature (Baby Pink) Jewelry

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Unique Real Nature Gathered Coquina Beach Necklace. Resin Pendant- Real Florida Nature Jewelry Customized Necklace

24” chain
Real assortment of seashells and sand gathered from Coquina Beach, Florida
Choose your metal : Copper or Silver Plate
Encased in Resin ( Baby Pink Mica )

***MADE TO ORDER*** Please note: **Made to order*** you piece will look similar but different to picture shown. Thank you for trusting our creative process for a one of a kind piece!*FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders*

*Tracking # sent with every delivery*

***MADE TO ORDER*** Please note: Your piece will look similar to picture shown above but not exact. 

Preserving a moment that will last forever:

I spend my days gathering beautiful elements in nature that encompasses the beauty of a location, touched by the sun and drifted by the sea!

Each piece is handcrafted with local recycled nature that has been hand collected, pressed and preserved in a lightweight Epoxy Resin 

I hope you enjoy this moment of Coquina Beach, Florida 




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