Meet The Team

Dani-The Artist

Originally from California, Dani went to school specializing in the Arts. Advanced Clay and Mixed Media. As she explored Resin she found her own process to capture and preserve real nature. 

Dani shares her story and creates a memory of some of her favorite destinations by showcasing her travels and connections through her work.

Each piece is tagged per location from the Gulf Coast and beyond, featuring nature-like elements, that of land and sea. All are thoughtfully chosen, gathered, and preserved for a lifetime in Resin.


Bella- Creative Assistant

The creative dynamo behind the epoxy magic. With a heart full of passion and hands that are no strangers to sticky situations, Bella is the unsung hero of every resin piece, ensuring perfection in every pour. When not in the studio, she embraces the thrill of turning everyday objects into eye-catching wonders, all while spreading joy and positivity. Cheers to the behind-the-scenes genius who brings the glossy magic to life!


Autumn-Online Manager

As an online manager for an art studio, I'm the digital curator of creativity. My role involves blending technology and artistic finesse to showcase our studio's work in the most captivating light. From crafting engaging social media content to curating compelling online exhibitions, I'm the mastermind working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our virtual gallery is a vibrant and inspiring place. Join me in this digital art adventure where every click is a brushstroke in our online canvas.

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